5 Steps to Building a Successful Business

Building Your Business

At Hurren Accountants, we pride ourselves on the plethora of no-nonsense, jargon free accounting services that we offer to our clients, and our enviable reputation has seen us assist businesses and sole traders of all sizes and niches. In addition to helping our clients fulfil their accounting, payroll, tax and bookkeeping requirements, the advice we provide delivers the support businesses need to build success in their respective sectors. Here we share our top tips for building better business, whether you are a market leader or just starting out.

Concentrate on cash flow

Maintaining a steady flow of cash within your business is essential, and as accountants we work to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the money flowing in and out of the companies we assist. Daily checks are a great way to ensure that the financial health of your company is how it should be, so keep a careful eye on your bank balance and make sure that every transaction can be accounted for.

Look to the future

Having a clear idea of how you’d like your business to progress, not just in the coming weeks or months but in the years ahead will ensure you plan for success appropriately. Planning ahead for the future will ensure that you are constantly evolving to meet your customers’ needs, and will ultimately help you to stay one step ahead of your competitors in your search for success.

Make the most of social media

Social media marketing is a daunting prospect for some businesses, but if you have a low marketing budget, your corporate social networks could be the key to better business and improved engagement with the people who matter the most to your company – your customers. Interact with consumers and fellow industry influencers, and build trust and loyalty whilst promoting your brand.

Work with fellow business owners

The very best business innovators had strong mentors behind them, and looking up to a business owner that has been there before you is becoming a vital part of positive progression for owners of businesses big and small. The likes of Richard Branson and Steve Jobs had mentors so just think where you could go with the right support!

Stick by your company ethos

Every business should have an ethos that they hold close to their heart, and the simplest sentiments such as ‘treat others how you’d want to be treated’ can go a long way in the business world. Develop an ethos and stick by it when liaising with staff, suppliers and customers alike.