Looking after you & your staff during lockdown

The nation’s third lockdown has been another difficult period, especially for business owners needing to strike a new work-life balance whilst tackling the normal challenges of running a business and dealing with the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here at Hurren Accountants, we pride ourselves on delivering a long list of efficient and cost effective accounting services to help SMEs and self-employed professionals manage their finances successfully. Being better for business however extends to more than just balancing the books during these uncertain times.

Mental health and the Covid-19 pandemic

A recent study conducted by SmallBusiness and The UK Domain charted the difficulties small business owners have faced during the pandemic. Worries about how a business will adapt, stress over how to successfully support employees as they work remotely, and difficulties running a business with family at home all ranked highly.

The survey also found that some 71% of business owners have experienced stress as a result of these concerns.

Unfortunately, high stress levels often mean wellbeing is put on the back burner by most. This can have a hugely negative impact on mental health, but with a few simple steps you can look after you and your staff during those difficult weeks of lockdown.

Top tips for self-care during lockdown

You can only lead your business out of lockdown and into better times if you’re in the right frame of mind. Lockdown and other pandemic restrictions will no doubt have a lasting impact on our mental health but there are resources out there that can help you during this testing time.

The NHS and Mental Health at Work offer great advice and support for those struggling with the changing world around us. Whilst you can’t see friends and family members in person at the moment, accessing this vital support network via phone call or video chat will help to take care of you mentally and emotionally.

Creating a routine that supports a good work-life balance is also important. Make time for rest and relaxation, and look after your body by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

How to promote better staff wellbeing

As a business owner, collaborating with the team that enables your company to do what it does best will be a vital part of your everyday. Your team will need your help to ensure their mental wellbeing is supported when working from home.

Maintaining regular communication – that’s not always about work – is the key. Encouraging your workers to take regular breaks and set boundaries to separate work and home life is also recommended.

Let us give you one less thing to worry about during the pandemic. Arrange a free consultation to discuss your business ambitions for the months ahead and discover how our accountants can assist you.